Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jumbo pasta shell salad


Jumbo pasta shells - 8-10 nos
Chicken - boiled and shreded 1 cup
Cream cheese - 1 cup (I used garlic flavoured cream cheese)
Sweetcorn - 2 tblsps
Cherry tomatoes - 2 tblsps finely chopped
Carrot - 2 tblsps finely chopped
 Basil - 2 leaves finely chopped
Olive oil - 2 tblsps
Black pepper powder - 2 tsp
Salt as per taste
Water for boiling pasta


1. Boil around 1 ltr of water in a vessel. Add 1 tblsp olive oil and 2 tblsps of salt in it. 
2. Once the water starts boiling, add jumbo pasta shells in it. 
3. Cook it for 10-12 minutes. (Or cook according to the directions mentioned on the packet)
4. After cooking the pasta, drain out the water and rinse it below flowing cold water. Add 1/2 tblsp olive oil on it to prevent sticking.

5. Add cream cheese, chicken, sweetcorn, cherry tomatoes, carrot, basil, olive oil, black pepper powder and salt as per taste, in a bowl. Mix well.
6. Fill up each jumbo shell with the salad.
7. Top it with some basil leaves, pinch of paprika and olive oil. Serve cold.